After a day walking around the area or concentrating in the congress centre, your body and mind deserve relaxation, rest and comfort. In our hotel we offer guests a large selection of treatments that bring the body exactly what it needs. It is possible to arrange a massage or another of our extensive services after agreement, or you can choose one of our wellness packages in advance!

Opening hours of Wellness centre
Monday - Sunday   9.00 – 19.00
Opening time adapts to guests.
The wellness centre is available to hotel guests and the public.
We offer gift vouchers for accommodation and all services of Hotel Lužan in any value.

Private wellness
Private whirlpool bath for two with a glass of sparkling wine.
Enjoy total privacy and please your beloved one!
Privátní vířivá vana pro dva se sklenkou sektu. Pokud se chcete uvolnit, zbavit se stresu, bolesti zad, kloubů nebo svalů, či si jen zkrátka odpočinout, může být masáž to, co hledáte. V našem wellness centru nabízíme masáží celou řadu... Indická masáž hlavy
Rychlá a účinná metoda pro ty, kteří se chtějí rychle zbavit napětí a stresu. Pomocí efektivní soustavy hmatů prováděných na hlavě dochází k maximální relaxaci a uvolnění.

Indian head massage
A fast and efficient method for those who want to quickly get rid of tension and stress. By using an effective system of tactile feelings on the head, maximum relaxation and relaxation are achieved.
Reflective foot and palm massage
Reflexology has its roots in ancient Egypt and is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine that takes advantage of the fact that all organs and parts of the body have a reflective spot on the foot and palm. This therapy has a complex effect on the body. Its use is both diagnostic and therapeutic.
A method, which uses vacuum, penetrates into deep layers of tissue, improves blood circulation, causes relaxation, and affects the blood and lymphatic system.
Honey detox massage
A very effective traditional method of improving the condition of the body, reducing stress and the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Honey massage cleanses the skin and leaves it velvety soft. During the massage, the healing power of the honey acts directly into the body.
Lava stone massage
Lava stone massage is one of the most pleasant relaxing massages. The combination of heat and massage has a beneficial effect on the body and eliminates energy blockages.
Lava stone facial massage
Combination of stone massage with cosmetic facial massage with special oil.
Bubble baths
Pearl bath will offer you pleasant rest and relaxation, it will help in pain and health problems of various kinds.
What effects does the bubble bath have?
  • Regenerates strained and tired muscles
  • Removes cellulite
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces stress
  • Strengthens the body's immunity
  • Helps with sleep disorders
  • Activates metabolism
  • Helps with joint and spine pain
  • Creates an ideal microclimate for relaxation
Hydromassage baths
Hydrotherapy has a beneficial effect on your body. With this procedure you perfectly relax, eliminate tension and stress of the whole body and soul.
Hydrotherapy will bring you in addition to relaxation:
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system
  • Encourages and activates your entire immune system
  • Releasing painful conditions
  • Pain relief
Wraps help to relax and reduce the pain of the musculoskeletal system. They are particularly suitable for problems of locomotor system of post-traumatic or degenerative origin and further affecting especially small joints of limbs, neurological diseases, tennis elbow and wherever heat brings pain relief.
For a total relaxation, you can enjoy pleasant moments in the hotel sauna.
You can choose the UWE CPS + horizontal solarium or the Luxura V7 vertical solarium.
The solarium is open for you every day from 9.00 to 22.00.
Stop by the hotel reception and the receptionist will take care of you.
Length of procedure / minutes 20 min. 30 min. 40 min. 60 min.


Sports massage 330 CZK - - 690 CZK
Reconditioning massage 330 CZK - - 690 CZK
Relaxation massage 360 CZK - - 690 CZK
Relaxation aroma massage 370 CZK - - 750 CZK
Reflective foot massage - 390 CZK - -
Reflective palm massage - 390 CZK - -
Reflective foot and palm massage - - - 690 CZK
Back and neck massage - - 590 CZK -
Honey detox back massage - - - 790 CZK
Mechanical anti-cellulite leg massage 330 CZK - - -
Anti-cellulite leg massage with wrap - - 530 CZK -
Lava stone facial massage 370 CZK - - -
Lava stone back massage 430 CZK - - -
Lava stone full body massage - - - 890 CZK
Indian head massage 330 CZK - 550 CZK -
Chocolate massage 350 CZK - - 790 CZK


Local application of silicone flasks 350 CZK 490 CZK - -
Massage with silicone flask 350 CZK 490 CZK - -


Bubble bath 330 CZK - - -
Bubble bath with herbal essences
(lemon balm, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, jasmine, orchid)
350 CZK - - -


Hydromassage bath 350 CZK - - -
Hydromassage bath with herbal essences 430 CZK - - -


Hand paraffin wrap 300 CZK - - -
Foot paraffin wrap 300 CZK - - -
Knuckles paraffin wrap 350 CZK - - -
Back paraffin wrap 350 CZK - - -
Cinnamon anti-cellulite wrap 370 CZK - - -
Bio wrap – orange 390 CZK - - -
Bio wrap – chocolate 390 CZK - - -
Bio wrap – rosemary 390 CZK - - -
Bio wrap – levander 390 CZK - - -
Bio wrap – eucalyptus 390 CZK - - -
Bio wrap – peat 390 CZK - - -


Sauna - public / person - - 200 CZK -
Sauna - private / person   - 300 CZK -
Massage chair 200 CZK - - -
Ear candles 290 CZK - - -
Essential oils inhalation 240 CZK - - -
Oxygenoterapy 330 CZK - - -
Solarium 8 CZK / 1 min. - - -
Private wellness with 375 ml Bohemia Sekt for 1,5 hour 1 000 CZK      

Hotel guests have a 20% discount on massages, cupping, baths and wraps.
All prices include VAT.
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